Are we on top of the latest developments or are they passing us by? Are we shaping the future or are we running behind? Does our quality meet the highest level or do we possibly have the need to catch-up ? These questions force us to compare ourselves with others and do continually put ourselves up to the test. In this context, it is our great pleasure to share with you the awards and honors we have received.

  1. National Order of Merit Bestowed on Ingrid Hofmann
  2. Medal of the State for Extraordinary Service to Bavarian Business
  3. Bavaria's Best 50 Companies Acknowledeged and Promoted in Bavaria
  4. Recognized as a Responsible and Sustainable Business
  5. Awarded the Bavaria Prize of Quality
  6. Ingrid Hofmann - Business Woman of the Year 2002
  7. Best of the Best
  8. Hofmann Distinguished as one of the Booming companies in Europe
  9. Entrepreneur of the Year 2001
  10. Great Place to Work Award
  11. Ludwig Erhard Quality Award - 2010
  12. Gold Medal for Workplace Safety 2016