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We are fishing for your business

The tug of war happening for talent right now is real. Recently it was announced that US unemployment is now at 3.9%, marking the first time it has fallen below 4% since 2000! The key to winning in tug of war isn’t just strength; it’s the strategy of working together as a team to be one unit.

As one of the world’s leading placement firms, we have perfected our proven strategy of strength in numbers. Do you have projects to complete, targets to hit, and a host of other “fish” to fry? We’re here to “catch” your business and assist you with all of your hiring needs! Cast us a line today to schedule an appointment!

I.K. Hofmann treats every job order from our clients as if we were hiring a new member to our own team.  Our Account Managers take the time to truly listen to our clients when they are providing us with the job description. Whether you are seeking a Lab Manager for a new Chemical Plant or an Administrative Assistant you want to see grow with your new start-up Company, I.K. Hofmann can bring the experience you need to the table.

We can simply supplement your hiring process or lower your company’s overhead by doing everything except making the final decision on whom to hire