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We want to help you to gain your orientation in Germany and quickly find employment. We are able to do this as we are a leading personnel service provider, with a network of branches throughout Germany as well as in other countries. This means that we have excellent contacts with numerous companies in diverse sectors which are looking for new employees. We are now activating this network for you. In addition, we will gladly assist you in organizing your new life in Germany. By the way, we are not only looking for jobs for you in Germany. We are also present in Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.

And we are also on hand to assist you if you wish to learn German or expand on existing skills, as well as being happy to offer you our support when it comes to administrative and organizational issues.

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Looking for a job?

Do what Maryna did

Maryna Levkovych is one of the first people seeking protection to find a job with Hofmann Personal.
A lot of people from Ukraine are seeking protection in Germany and many of them are also looking for a job to secure their livelihood. Like Maryna Levkovych. The lady from Ukraine fled to Germany via Poland with her daughter Sophia (12) and son Timofe (5) along with her aunt, while her husband stayed in Ukraine to defend his country. They now live together in a granny flat belonging to a German family in Mannheim, which has warmly welcomed them.

During a helpers' party, Maryna met Anne Cetin from the Hofmann Personal office in Mannheim. They got to talking about their daughters and when Anne Cetin discovered that Maryna was looking for a job, she pulled out all the stops. Maryna is now working in a metal-working company with people from Greece, Russia, Poland and Germany. She earns 13 Euro an hour and has long-term prospects in a company that is happy to have Maryna as a worker. And in Natalja Belous, Maryna has found a sympathetic trainee who not only speaks her language, but also provides her with valuable tips for her stay in Germany.


Committed to peace

Hofmann Personal documents its commitment against violence with a symbolic act.
We are not immune to the suffering and pain of the Ukrainian population. So, the managers of Hofmann Personal put together a peace initiative that we have recorded in this video. This initiative took place on the occasion of the last meeting at the SpVgg Greuther Fürth stadium. Hofmann Personal would like to thank the management of SpVgg Greuther Fürth for their support.



About Hofmann Personal

I. K. Hofmann GmbH was founded 37 years ago by Ingrid Hofmann, who continues to lead the company today. It has over 90 locations throughout Germany and maintains branches and subsidiaries in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Italy and the US. The group employs around 16,000 personnel worldwide.

Why it is important for us to help you

“First and foremost a human being” is our motto.

Hofmann Personal was founded by Ingrid Hofmann with the goal of placing as many people as possible in employment. This approach is particularly appropriate for people who cannot find a suitable employment on their own. Consequently, Hofmann Personal is strongly against violence and in favour of diversity and tolerance. Of course, this also includes people who have sought shelter in Germany because their lives are under threat in their home country. Above all, because we know that many hundreds of Ukrainians who work for our Czech subsidiary are deeply concerned about their family members residing in the war zone. At this point, we would like to thank Gabriela Hrbackova Kedova once again who, as the dedicated managing director in the Czech Republic, has organized numerous transport operations from Ukraine to protect those who need support due to the consequences of the war.


“We are there for you!”

Creating a non-violent future together. For everyone.
As representatives of the company, we promise to put our network and our energy to use in helping you. Because for us, there is no alternative to peace. We are inspired by the togetherness in all countries around the globe. It is only in this way that we can change the world of tomorrow for the better. We may not be able to give all those who turn to us the support they deserve. But we promise that we will follow up every enquiry by doing our very best.

Ingrid Hofmann
CEO I. K. Hofmann

Sonja Heinrich
Head of International Markets & Corporate Affairs